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For site managers

If you manage a lot of sites, or work with WordPress on a daily basis, chances are you are already tired of the same old look of the WordPress Admin. Material WP allows you to bring a fresh, sharp look to your admin, personalized for each of those sites!

For freelancers

Material WP is perfect for branding your business OR your clients’ admin panel. You can use our limitless customization options – including the login page – to provide a completely unique experience for the sites you work on.

Our awesome list of features

Material WP comes packed with a lot of cool stuff. You can customize practically everything!

  • Tons of customizable options

    Material WP comes with tons of customizable options. You can change the colors, background images, widths, heights and much more.

  • Menu reordering with drag and drop

    You can change the order of the admin menu items to whichever order you prefer just by draggin’ and droppin’ the menus around!

  • Custom Login Page

    All of your customizations and changes are also applied to the WordPress login page, so you can get a completely branded CMS.

  • Tons of Advanced Features!

    If you are aan advanced user, you can enter your own custom CSS (with SASS support). Importing and Exporting settings is also as easy as pie.

But hey, don’t take our word for it…

One of the few perfect five-star rating plugins on the marketplace!

Again, I have purchased nearly every WordPress admin theme, especially every one significantly different to where I got tired and weary of buying them because none of them ending fitting what I want or in the end became to heavy a of a plugin for me with my set up. Material WP is definitely a Great Refresh of the WordPress admin without all messing with the body, core too much! So I’m excited about compatibility out of the box 🙂 Hands down the best WordPress admin theme I have purchased out of many, many!

EnterpriseBrandingbuyer on CodeCanyonview on CodeCanyon

Great plugin with nice features, looks great and easy to change the looks and feel of the Admin Panel. But above all: the support is great! Fast solutions and quick answers.

Hansandersbuyer on CodeCanyonview on CoceCanyon

This author provides one of the best customer support i have encountered here on Codecanyon. Its top notch!

joransrbbuyer on CodeCanyonview on CodeCanyon

Purely genius. This plugin takes my WP dashboard into a beautiful Material Design dashboard. I have spent money on many other WP Admin Theme, but none has ever come this close to satisfy me. This is **the best** theme for WP Dashboard.

afunwormbuyer on CodeCanyonview on CodeCanyon

These guys are the prime example of what awesome customer support is! I had an issue with a plugin conflict and I had them check it out and they got in and fixed the issue without an problems! Plus the plugin makes WordPress much more beautiful in the backend!

WeirdMikebuyer on CodeCanyonview on CodeCanyon

Nicely done! It really makes a great difference when in the backend. Gives you a motivating feel since it “lightens” up the backend and just feels quite a bit cleaner than default, and other backend themes I’ve explored. Excited to see this evolve further. Great work!

crossifixiobuyer on CodeCanyonview on CodeCanyon

What do you think? It’s about time to buy Material WP, just click the button bellow =D